School volunteer opportunities: Virtus training required

~Mentor/tutor students ~Volunteer in cafeteria

~Attend field trips ~Volunteer in classrooms

~Coach sports teams ~Work the door for Basketball games

*Contact the school office if you are interested in becoming a volunteer*


“Registering” means opening an account at www.virtus.org. You may only open ONE account. If you know that you already have an account, you may get your id and password by clicking on “Forgot your Password” on the first screen.

Go to www.virtus.org, Click on the Registration link in the left green area of the page. Begin the registration process:

Select in the dropdown list Covington, KY (Diocese)

Create your USER ID.

Create a password. Make a notation of this somewhere. You will need this every time you access VIRTUS. Do not use your email address as your user id. No two people can use the same user id, the Virtus system will alert you if someone is already using the user id you have chosen. User ID’s are case sensitive, Virtus recommends using all lower case letters and avoid spaces and punctuations. So if you have a printer, it’s good to print yourself a copy now. If you have changes to your email address, remember to update those changes in Virtus as that is how you will receive monthly notifications from Virtus of a new bulletin.

Continue filling out your information.

Select the Primary location that handled your paperwork. (If you work for the Diocese select your place of employment as the Primary location and where you volunteer as secondary.)

If you volunteer at your home parish and at a high school, please select the home parish.

You may select more than one secondary location. Please keep your list of locations current online as they change. Substitute Teachers list “Substitute Teacher” as the primary locaiton and the school where you will be sub-teaching as secondary.

Select your role in the Diocese.

Select Parent only if you do NOT wish to be a Volunteer and do not want to receive the monthly bulletins.

If you wish to be a Volunteer, select Volunteer.

Continue your registration.

If you are a coach, catechist, scout leader, contracted janitor, please select that option.

Select Yes or No when you get to the page about attending a session.

If no, select the session you wish to attend.

If you have already attended a session, you will have the option to select which one you attended.

If you attended in another Diocese, please pick that Diocese when given that option.

If you register on-line after having attended the class, please email the approximate date and place to msteffen@covdio.org or write it on your Acceptance Form.

Your account will not be readily seen until all your paperwork has been processed. Please do not register a second time. You should receive a notification from Virtus that you have registered. It will come from system@virtus.org.

Your account is active after:

(1) the Acceptance Form is recorded,

(2) your background check has been processed on your Virtus account

(3) your class attendance has been verified.

An email from Virtus will be sent to you when your account is open. It will include your user id and password. Be sure that your spam blocker is setup to accept emails from system@virtus.org.

Please register only ONCE. Opening more than one account causes confusion and keeps you from remaining compliant.

If you need to change your contact information or locations, enter your id and password. Click on “update my account”. Make the desired change. SAVE.

Now you are ready to begin your monthly bulletins. One bulletin will be posted at www.virtus.org on the first Sunday of each month. You have 30 days to complete the bulletin.

If you go beyond 30 days, your TRAINING tab will disappear letting your “locations” know that you are not currently volunteering.

During the “open months” of April, August, and December those wishing to resume volunteering will have the opportunity to complete ALL missed bulletins. Your training tab will automatically appear and you can catch up and continue monthly bulletins going forward.

If for some reason, you have fallen behind 1 or 2 bulletins, have a valid reason why your account is in Suspension and you need to resume volunteering immediately, you may make the request through your school or parish.

If you have any other questions about the Diocese of Covington’s VIRTUS program, please contact Marylu Steffen at msteffen@covdio.org or by phone at 859-392-1565.